Becoming a Confident Mom

Life can be hard and uncertain. We are not only mothers but we’re also individuals who encounter difficult situations daily. From dealing with conflict in relationships, to handling loneliness and isolation, this series will help you find your identity in Christ so you can have joy and peace in your God given roles.


How can I conquer my fears around my children?
Many of our fears as moms come from the prevailing culture of hyper parenting. But, research shows that this type of parenting just increases the stress and anxiety in us and our children. Listen to this message to gain perspective on what is really important in parenting. Download Lesson Questions
Why do relationships matter?
We need other people and yet they can be our biggest source of stress. In this message you will learn the purpose of relationships in our lives along with some transformational ways to improve them. Download Lesson Questions
Can I really be happy?
There is only one source of lasting happiness in life. Listen to this message to discover what it is and how to find it. Download Lesson Questions
What should be my true north?
Our culture tells us that truth is relative. But, there is overwhelming evidence that one source of truth exists that is accessible to everyone. Find out more in this message. Download Lesson Questions
Why do bad things happen?
Whether it’s in the news, in your community or in your own life, suffering is everywhere. Yet, how we view hard times has everything to do with how we get through them. Listen and learn the options you have to respond to difficulties. Download Lesson Questions
How can I have courage in tough situations?
Does your life feel like a battle and you’re all alone to fend for yourself? Or maybe you are exhausted from trying to rescue others from their struggles. In this message you will find where to go for the strength you need. Download Lesson Questions
What do I do when I mess up?
Guilt and shame. Both are emotions that cause intense reactions. But, we can’t let them rule our lives. Listen here to examine the difference between the two and gain practical insight on having victory over them. Download Lesson Questions
How do I have REAL peace?
Anxiety is an epidemic in our society today. Although there is no shortage of remedies for the issue, its pervasiveness continues. What if there was a way to find true inner peace in this worrisome world? Listen and to find out how. Download Lesson Questions
What do I do when others hurt me?

We’ve all experienced different forms of injustice whether to us or to someone we love. Responding appropriately can be really hard but it makes a big difference to our mental health. Listen to learn a lighter way to live.

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How do I change my attitude?

When things aren’t going our way, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut of negativity that if left unchecked, can lead to something much worse. Getting back on track requires intentionality on our part. Find out what to do in this message.

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How do I handle loneliness and isolation?

No one likes to feel alone and yet even before the pandemic a record number of Americans report feeling lonely. Why is this and what can we do about it? Listen to discover some life changing ways to cope during these times.

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Other Online Lessons

Our curriculum is divided into semesters that lead moms to discover peace, hope and joy in a community of like minded women.
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Building a Strong Family

 We want to create a safe, nurturing environment where our children feel valued and loved by us and God. But, how? In this series, we address topics like how to set our family priorities, deal with anxiety in our homes and be peacemakers just to name a few.

Raising Virtuous Children

Many parents believe that if their children are well behaved and successful, then they have done their job right. But, God says otherwise. In this series, you will discover the true purpose of parenting and how the Bible says it can be accomplished.

Building Families of Character

We all know that character counts. Jesus tells us to treat others the way we want to be treated. But, what does this look like in a world that believes that truth is relative? Join us for this series as we discuss several exceptional and challenging Godly character traits from the perspective of each member of the family.