Becoming a Peacemaker In the Chaos of Summer

Jun 18, 2024

How do we parent as a peacemaker in the midst of chaos? Julie Whitehurst, a MomQ leader and “mentor mom” says this, “Peacekeepers avoid, but peacemakers engage.”

What does it look like to be a peacemaker in a world that often chooses conflict or avoids it altogether? And WHY does the Bible ask us to be peacemakers?

From trauma to learned behavior to offense, there are many reasons we respond to hurts the way we do. But God wants us to heal and respond through the lens of His love. Jesus is our model and the Holy Spirit is our guide.

Becoming a peacemaker is also about becoming a courageous woman and mom. Courage is married with the idea of gentleness and meekness, the strength under control. The idea of parenting as a peacemaker is really becoming more of who Jesus wants us to be as we step into conflict in a healthy way.

In this week’s episode, Candace, Julie, and Annie dive into how to be a modern peacemaker, sharing practical tips for conflict resolution and modeling this for our children.

It is then that we can successfully parent as a peacemaker in the midst of chaos this summer.  

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