Donna Jones: Healthy Conflict, Peaceful Life

Jun 26, 2024

“When it’s handled right, then [conflict] actually can create more closeness between two people.” Most of us don’t enjoy conflict and even tend to avoid it. But conflict in relationships is inevitable and can even lead to more intimacy with the people we love. It’s important to address things when they happen, when they are small things, and then they don’t become big things, and they don’t create barriers. One important way to do this is to listen to understand the other’s perspective. Listening does not equal agreement. Listening just means listening. If we can just listen to understand, we can help to de-escalate the conflict and not build barriers. The other thing is to incorporate forgiveness. First, just pray for the “want to forgive”. Then, realize that forgiveness is not giving the other person a free pass to hurt you again. It is a process. In this latest podcast episode, Donna Jones (author of Healthy Conflict, Peaceful Life) gives lots of practical wisdom for handling conflict in our most important relationships. If you are struggling with conflict in your life, this podcast will help you learn how to approach conflict in a healthier way and lead a more peaceful life.

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