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Episode 27: Teri Craft on marriage restoration and recovery and living life unplugged
On this episode of our summer series we have an amazing conversation with Teri Craft. Teri is an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor, Certified Marriage & Recovery Coach, and holds a Masters in Professional Counseling from the Townsend Institute. She has been trained in Pastoral Marriage and Family Counseling, and leads women’s groups for personal growth as well as for those who have experienced betrayal and personal loss. Teri has dedicated her life to speaking, leading, writing, and training others regarding relational and organizational health. She and her husband founded Life Unplugged which partners with couples to provide enrichment, recovery, or healing to marriages. You will be encouraged and inspired by hearing her story of recovery and restoration. For more information Life Unplugged visit https://www.livelifeunplugged.org.

Episode 32: Kayla Marnach: Body Boundaries and Self Regulation

What a special treat we have to interview Kayla Marnach; author, child advocate, mom, grandmother, and MomQ founding leader. She shares about the journey God has taken her on to become the author of the “Can Do” kids series which is about empowering children and educating adults about starting conversations about our bodies and how to treasure them as God intended. To learn more about Kayla and the Can Do series, visit: www.kaylajmarnach.com

Episode 25: Jesica Gierke on witnessing the power of God
We are exited to catch up with Jesica Gierke who is a MomQ mentor, mother and most of all amazing servant of Christ. She shares with us some of her story and an experience she had on a missions trip in Costa Rica where she witnessed the awe-inspiring power of God in action. You don’t want to miss it!

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