Kayla Marnach

Kayla is an author and speaker, who for over twenty-five years has shared the love of Jesus with children. whether in costume or out. She is a Texas girl through and through, living in Austin since 1979 with John, her husband of over forty years. They have been blessed with two amazing grown daughters, who are married to two wonderful men she considers her sons.

She has created curriculum for and worked with children of all ages, teaching Sunday School classes for well over twenty years. Her current roll is being “Granny McGrible who shares stories from the Bible.” As “Granny” shares the stories, her husband willingly dresses up as whatever character the story is about, creating more meaning and impact on the children.

She has organized and led women’s Bible retreats, as well as taught and facilitated women’s groups. Her passion is to let others know they are never alone, that Jesus walks with them every step of the way.

When not traveling with her husband and “four” kids, Kayla enjoys writing, reading, and playing with her rowdy mini-Aussie, Tilly.

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