Building a Strong Family

Research shows that children raised in strong, stable families grow up to be happier, more secure and well adjusted people. We want to create a nurturing, safe environment where our children feel valued and loved by us and God. But, what is the best way to do that? In this series, we address topics like how to set our family priorities, deal with anxiety in our homes and be peacemakers just to name a few.


What Makes a Strong Family foundation?

Without a solid foundation, home builders say that a house will likely have major issues and can easily fall to storms. Our families are no different. Listen to discover how building our house on God’s word can protect us.

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How should we set our priorities?
There are many competing demands for our time and energy and we often get overwhelmed. If you long for a 30 hour day, then this message is for you. Find out what God says will reduce stress and provide the rest you need.

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Am I a Mary or a Martha?
Jesus has a strong message for these two sisters in the bible who had very different approaches to Him. Listen as we unpack it by examining Joanna Weaver’s book, “Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World”. No matter which way is your natural bent, you will learn the secret to balancing both.

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How do I deal with Mom pressures?
Moms today rarely feel like they are doing enough to fulfill the crazy expectations our culture places on us. But, this often robs us of our joy and makes it hard to live in the moment. In this message, you will learn how to rethink what’s truly important and get practical tips on how to resist those pressures.

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How do we deal with anxiety in our home?
Moms aren’t the only ones who worry. Entire families can be trapped in the cycle of doubt and fear. But, the bible says it doesn’t add a single hour to our span of life. In this lesson, you will learn a fresh approach to releasing your cares and concerns to God.

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How can we have 20/20 spiritual vision?
Our life perspective and attitude is heavily influenced by what we think about. If we can manage our minds, we can “see” the way God intends. In this message, we explore Jennie Allen’s book, “Get Out of Your Head ” to understand how to change what we think about and focus on.

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What should my family value?
We protect what we value. Does your family value image, success, possessions, money? We often idolize what we value which ultimately can enslave our hearts and minds. Listen to learn what happens when we value what God does.

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What should be the vibe of our home?
Just like a particular candle scent can create an inviting atmosphere in your home, believers are called to spread the aroma of Christ to those around us. But, how do we do this? Listen and learn ways to reflect God’s character and grace in our families.

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What does unified parenting look like?
Strong families are like successful teams. United they stand, divided they fall. But, parents are individuals with different backgrounds and opinions so getting on the same page in raising kids can be really hard. Discover some practical tips to help you in this message.

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How do we build a strong family plan?
Putting something in writing means you’re halfway to making it happen. We walk you through creating a basic plan for your family. You can follow up with prayer, perseverance and accountability to see the rich lessons in this series come to life.

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Other Online Lessons

Our curriculum is divided into semesters that lead moms to discover peace, hope and joy in a community of like minded women.
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