Raising Virtuous Children

Many parents feel that it’s their job is to raise children who are a positive reflection of them. They believe that if their kids are well behaved and successful, then they have done their job right. But, God says there’s something more important. In this series, you will discover the true purpose of parenting and what the Bible says about how it can be accomplished.


Do my children belong to me?

It’s a tough question but an important one- who do our kids really belong to? Are they our legacy or the legacy of the One who created them? Listen to Candace addressing these topics and more in our first session of the season!

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What is the best source of parenting advice?

There are so many sources of wisdom when it comes to parenting, but when it comes to a struggle you’re facing or a question you have, where do you turn first? In this episode we’ll talk through practical ways we can turn to God for Wisdom, and grow in our faith through our parenting journey. We’ll also hear from Candace a personal testimony of how that looked in her own life.

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What is the purpose of parenting?

Is the ultimate goal of parenting to raise happy kids? Good kids? Successful kids? In this episode we discuss the purpose of our parenting according to the Bible – to point our kids to His truth and grace. We also hear from one of our mentor moms, Sue McAlinden, about practical ways to center our homes around God’s truth in the depths of parenting.

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What if I’m not up to the task?

We often have doubts in our ability to be the parents we need or want to be. But as believers we know that anything good that we do comes from the grace that has been given to us through Jesus. In this episode, we discuss what it looks like to live out this grace in our parenting. We also hear from our mentor mom Barbara Bland and her testimony of how God shifted her parenting perspective from fear-based to grace-based.

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Will our kids ever do what we say?

In the throes of parenting it’s a question we often ponder. Will our kids ever do what we say? Will they hold onto their values? Will they follow God? We aren’t guaranteed the answers to those questions but we know that when we are tending to their hearts, God and His Holy Spirit will guide them. Candace and mentor mom Julie will share how we can bring this perspective into our everyday.

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How can I shape their character?

The word “character” has many definition in our modern world. As Christians, our standard of character is God himself. But how do we help shape our kids to make decisions that are honoring to God? Candace discusses some tools for guiding them to worship the Creator vs. creation (Romans 1) and looking to Him to meet their desires.

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How should I approach discipline?

The question of how we should discipline our kids often comes with the most strife in our home. But at the same time, it’s our primary calling according to the Bible. Candace discusses how to be intentional with our discipline with a focus on rich communication. This approach will cost us, our time, energy and maybe even a clean house. But the benefits outweigh the cost.

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How does my marriage affect my parenting?

In this episode we have two special guest speakers, Heather VanStavern and Kendra Echols discuss how prioritizing our marriage is essential to effective parenting. They discuss several reasons why this is the case and practical ways to take the next steps in strengthening connection with our spouse.

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How should I approach discipline, part 2.

Instead of relying on the culture for our cues on how to best discipline our kids, Candace gives practical advice on how we can discipline from a biblical perspective, using loving relationship as the foundation.

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How can I foster rich, lifelong relationships with my kids?

As parents with young kids we dream of having open, rich relationships with them as they grow through adulthood. But what can we do know to ensure that is the case for our family? In this episode, Candace talks about how we can build spiritually vibrant homes that align our passions with God’s. And have fun together in the process! She also interviews mentor mom Amy Tipps who shares her wisdom and joys of having rich relationships with her grown kids.

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Semester wrap up and mentor mom panel

Candace summarizes the lessons we learned from this semester about raising virtuous children. We also get the treat of hearing our mentor moms take questions from the audience about all areas of parenting and family, including navigating difficult conversations, handling strong willed children, and how to place Jesus at the center of family traditions.

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