Building Families of Character

We all know that character counts. Jesus tells us to treat others the way we want to be treated. But, what does this look like in a world that believes that truth is relative? Join us for this series as we discuss several exceptional and challenging Godly character traits from the perspective of each member of the family.


Why Is It Important to Be Courageous?

We are thrilled to kick off a new semester of MomQ with the theme of Building Families of Character. In our first lesson, Candace teaches on the importance of courage, and how Godly courage enables us to step out in faith. It’s important to be courageous so that we can choose FAITH over FEAR.

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What Do Courageous Kids Look Like?
How do we go about instilling courage in our kids? In this lesson, Candace shared some of the characteristics of courageous kids and how we can allow God to build their character by empowering them to fail. She also interviews Bible teacher Heather Van Stavern on what it looks like to help our kids overcome failure, and depend on God for their strength.

How Can I Be Courageous in My Marriage?

Special guest speaker Annie Mendrala teaches on what it looks like to be courageous in our marriage. She shares what the Bible says about our role in marriage and how we can work through challenges in a way that honors God. Annie reminds us that courage in marriage begins with our brokenness, and God changing us as we move toward greater intimacy.

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Is Honesty Always the Best Policy?

In this episode, Candace teaches on the value of living a life of integrity, in our conversations and in our conduct. When we surrender to God and seek to be honest in every area of our life, we bring our lives into conformity with His truth.

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What is God's Perspective on Body Image?

Heather Creekmore writes and speaks hope to thousands of women each week, inspiring them to stop comparing and start living. She is the author of two books: Compared to Who? and The Burden of Better which take a deep dive into the spiritual roots of body image and comparison issues and offer a grace-based path to freedom. She shares with us on this episode that God wants to see our bodies from His perspective and how our attitude about our bodies impacts our children as well. To learn more about heather and find links to her podcast and books, visit You can also find Heather on Instagram @ComparedtoWho

Why Should I Be Honest With My Husband?
How Can I Instill Honesty in My Kids?
Is it Possible to Live a Contented Life?
How Can I Raise Contented Children?
What's the Secret to a Satisfied Marriage?

Other Series

Our curriculum is divided into semesters that lead moms to discover peace, hope and joy in a community of like minded women.
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