Lynette Seitzler

Lynette loves encouraging others to grow in faith. As a Christian who has attended a good number of churches through many moves, she likes to take people where they are at in faith and help them grow deeper in their Christian walk. Originally raised on farms and ranches in both Minnesota and Texas, Lynette graduated from Texas Tech University with a journalism degree in 1992. She married Bill in 1997. The couple moved to Rochester, NY and then Tulsa, OK before Steiner Ranch in Austin in 2006. Lynette started reporting for Four Points News in 2008. In 20011, God gave her the opportunity to own the newspaper. In 2023, she launched a monthly publication called Northwest Austin News. As a journalist for three decades, she feels blessed to be able to work with the community through sharing stories and important information. Lynette is also a faithful assistant to her husband who teaches Bible fellowship class, and she is mom to two amazing daughters who are in college. Lynette does find time to work with textiles at her sewing machine and strives to improve her pickleball game.

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