Jayme Gradwell: A Testimony of God’s Faithfulness

May 2, 2024

“I am just sold out for Jesus. I want His will, not mine.”

In this episode, “She Speaks Life,” podcaster, Jayme Gradwell, shares her journey of surrendering to God’s plan. She shares insight into how He guided her through challenging times. Her story serves as a powerful reminder that God never abandons us, even in our moments of doubt.

On her podcast, Jayme gives women the space to share their stories of how God has strengthened their faith and transformed their lives.  Today we get the privilege of hearing from her. You are going to love her heart for Jesus and passion to come alongside women.

Show Notes:

You can follow Jayme on instragram @jaymeelizabethshespeakslife

Check out her Serenity journal here

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