Embracing the Rhythms of Motherhood: Unwrapping the Gifts of Each Season

by | Dec 18, 2023

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.”

Ecclesiastes 3:1

“Mom! I’m bleeding- don’t you even care- look at my toe!” screeched my 8 year old daughter as her eyes longed to find me melting with understanding of her crisis.

Meanwhile, my married daughter is texting me, asking me how long chicken stays good in the fridge all while my teen boys wrestle with the ferocity of impending manhood yet the uncertainty of how to keep their rooms clean (can I get an amen?).  The dynamics will likely roll like a storm into bickering because they are siblings finding their way; they are sons seeking attention from their mother all while not wanting my help.

And the all but severed toe (not really) will heal miraculously, when I’m not looking (she’s running a full on sprint) only to burden her once again when she sees my glance.

It’s complicated!

I smile in the midst of our chaos because, what else can I do?

I recall diapers, and nap schedules, and toddler tantrums and I just think…the issues are fewer, but their problems now are bigger- weightier – and I realize that this motherhood season truly never ends.

I also realize that….that’s ok. And even better than that, it’s good. It’s good because it reminds me of the desperate need I have of the Father all along the way of my life and how His long suffering journey with me…with all of His children…requires much more.

That reminder brings me to my knees in need, at His feet He gives me eyes to see these seasons eternally and the moments in them with understanding that we’ll never have this moment again (praise God….or oh, my).

“Lord,” I breathe, ”help me be present.”

In the dance of life, the rhythm of motherhood is a melody that ebbs and flows through the changing seasons. As I sit here, pondering the precious moments that define the journey of raising children, I’m reminded of the importance of embracing the unique gifts that each season brings to a mother’s heart.

Winter, The Season of Rest and Reflection, with its crisp air and blankets of snow, envelops us in a quiet hush – a hibernation of sorts.

It’s a season for mothers to find solace in the warmth of their homes, to draw near to the hearth, and to reflect on the beauty of the family they have nurtured. The challenges of the year may have left their marks, but in winter’s embrace, there is an invitation to heal and find restoration. 

This season teaches mothers the art of patience – waiting for the first signs of spring, much like waiting for a child to take their first steps. The seeds of dreams planted in the previous seasons begin to stir beneath the surface, preparing to bloom in the sunlight that follows the winter’s chill. 

Be still, momma, He will reap the harvest. The Savior, who faithfully fills in EVERY gap along the way with redemption and the light of His glory, is with you.


Spring, The Season of New Beginnings, greets us as we wake from the stillness of winter slumber. As winter fades, the earth awakens to the promise of spring – a season that mirrors the tender growth and endless possibilities of motherhood.

It is a time to sow the seeds of character, to nurture the budding passions of our children, and to watch as they blossom into their unique selves.

It’s a season for cultivating the rich soil of our children’s hearts, helping them discover their strengths and guiding them toward the Light of knowledge and understanding.

Part of this season is the discovery of weeds in that garden of our children’s hearts. Momma, sing praises that there was Light to find them. Don’t take it personally. These children are given to us to steward, but we are not God and thank goodness for that.

We pour in Truth and point them to Jesus and on the days when our tone is more harsh than we wish, or the screens of our phones are more familiar than the faces of our children (is it just me?) 

We seek forgiveness from our gentle Father in this season of difficulty and He comforts us with our constant counselor, the Holy Spirit, and we are reminded that the Lord’s grace is sufficient…particularly when our’s is not. 


Summer, The Season of Abundance and Adventure, warms us with days outstretched before us like a tapestry of endless possibilities.

Summer is a reminder for mothers to embrace the spirit of adventure and create lasting memories.  I want to encourage you, momma.

If you dread the long days of all the kids home in summer and nothing to do, pray. Pray for the gift the Lord has for your family in advance; It will be waiting for you a few months from now and you will have eyes to see. He will order your days and change your cries to gladness.

This season is not about what you do, but who you become.  Play with your kids. I know you’re tired and the days get very.very.long. But I also know this:  a prayer lifted to the Lord to compel you to love those kids as He loves you in this very moment, for a time such as this, will be answered.

I say this as a tired, older, home school momma (with a traveling husband) who has treatment for a long term ailment 15 hours from now. I say this as I dreaded making dinner last night and couldn’t wait to usher everyone to bed so I could just have a few.minutes.to. myself. Sound familiar?  But I also say this as a momma who desperately wanted to enjoy my kids and who wanted my kids to enjoy me.

“Lord, change the desire of my heart- give me energy and abundance to love because I’m empty.”

And within moments, I was doing Just Dance and playing ping pong with the laughter of a child and overwhelming love and gratitude. He’s faithful.  He meets us in the cracks of our armor and He loves our children far more than we ever can.


Autumn, The Season of Harvest and Reflection, arrives painting the world in hues of gold and russet. This season, much like the middle years of motherhood, is a time for reflection and gratitude. The harvest is plentiful, and mothers find themselves reaping the rewards of their efforts, witnessing the fruits of their labor in the lives of their growing children.

Autumn is a reminder to mothers to gather the moments like fallen leaves, treasuring the memories that have shaped their family’s story. Hold fast to what is good, momma. There’s a lot of pain and many of us have traveled roads that could detour us from seeing the blessing amongst the thorns; but I promise, it’s there.

Because our Father brings beauty from ashes. Look for the beauty. He’ll give you eyes to see, even in the darkest moments; this is where the Light shines the brightest. 

In the rhythms of motherhood, each season plays a vital role in the symphony of life. Winter brings rest and reflection, Spring ushers in new beginnings, Summer offers abundance and adventure, and Autumn allows for harvest and reflection.

Together, these seasons create a tapestry of love, growth, and shared experiences that shape the unique journey of every mother.

We all share these seasons, but there’s no formula to do it best. There’s no pintrest to which we need to measure up, I promise;  I’ve done it and it’s empty and life-sucking and handicaps us as mommas. There’s a unique way you look at your child that no one can replicate- where they know they are known and loved…no matter what. I know this because I see it in my child’s eyes and I’m reminded…it’s not what I do, it’s who I am in Christ that overwhelms this precious soul- in one way or another.

Lord, empty me of myself and fill me with Your Spirit to do this impossible beautiful sometimes messy thing of motherhood. Lord, let each woman reading this be still and know that You alone are God and this season, however painful or magnificent, is under your providence and let her trust you in every moment. Christ be magnified. 

In the winters that feel like your heart may freeze or summers that may melt your patience, some of His best work is done. Motherhood is not a destination but a journey – a journey woven with the threads of joy, challenges, and the unbreakable bond between a mother and her children. Let prayer mark every season so glory is given to God for the gift He has already given to you, to me, to our children…to everyone – Jesus Christ. That gift covers everything. Merry Christmas, sweet sisters. 

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