Love in action: A Conversation About Marriage with Joe and Barbara Bland

Feb 19, 2024

This episode continues February’s theme on love and relationships. Today we are talking about how God wants us to put His love into action in our relationships. Many people feel like this is the hardest with our spouses. Marriage is hard and there are some scary statistics out there that might feel daunting.

Do you ever feel like your marriage hit a rough patch you can’t seem to get out of and it’s just downhill from here? Or that you’re settling for “everything is just fine” because it’s the easier path? Or how about those couples you know that have been married for decades and decades – how in the world do they seem so happy? In this episode, we hear from Barbara and Joe Bland, long-time Austin residents who have been married for 42 years! Yes, you heard right! They share their story of how God transformed their hearts and showed them how to truly love each other over the years.

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