The MomQ Mingle: A Conversation About Humility

Mar 7, 2024

This episode is part of our monthly feature the “MomQ Mingle.” In these episodes, Candace and Annie chat about relevant topics for today’s moms, comparing truth from the Word with trends from culture. Today’s conversation tackles the topic of humility. Why is humility important? Why is it so hard and how can we live it out? When we think of Easter and the sacrifice Jesus made for us, we are struck by the incredible humility of it; that the creator of the universe would submit to the Father’s will and die a criminal’s death to pay a debt he didn’t owe because of His amazing love for us. So with that in mind, we dig into this subject and how it relates to our lives today. Listen for some practical tips on how we can model Christ’s humility in our roles as mothers, wives, and children of God. View Transcript

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