Sarah Cowan Johnson: A Practical Guide to Family Discipleship

Jan 22, 2024

With this episode we continue our “Renew” series with an amazing conversation with Sarah Cowan Johnson. Sarah is an author of “Teach Your Children Well”, a step by step guide for family discipleship. It was the winner of Christianity Today’s 2023 best book award in the category of marriage and family. I hope this episode will encourage you to reflect on what you are currently doing to disciple your children and challenge you to be a bit more intentional about it in the coming year. In Deuteronomy 6:4-9, The Bible says that discipling our children should be a rhythm that happens naturally as we live out each day, much like eating and sleeping. But, if we are honest, to most of us it doesn’t come naturally at all. There are a million reasons why this is the case and we will talk about a few of those today. We are also going to discuss some of the barriers that keep us from practicing discipleship and talk about ways to overcome them. I know you are going to be so blessed by this conversation as we were! Thanks for listening and sharing this episode with a friend! We hope that this helps you as you seek to make discipleship a way of life in your family. SHOW LINK: ⁠Teach Your Children Well⁠ by Sarah Cowen Johnson View Transcript

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