Matt Peacock: Finding Joy in Service and Humility with Others

Mar 19, 2024

Do you find you have more “Why, God?” days than “Thank you God!” days? Are most of your thoughts focused on self or others? Or do any of these scenarios sound familiar? You catch yourself scrolling through Instagram looking at other moms’ seemingly perfect family vacations, immaculate playrooms, or home-cooked meals, and you feel an overwhelming sense of inadequacy. Or do you spend hours meticulously planning every detail of your child’s activities but end up being frustrated by unexpected challenges like a learning disability or just plain lack of interest? 

Maybe you haven’t thought about it, but all of that focus on yourself actually stems from pride. And we know that pride is the root of all sin.

As we approach Easter, we are continuing our theme of humility and sacrifice. In this episode, my guest, Matt Peacock, is a man of true humility. You are going to be so blessed by his story and his heart for serving others. Matt is the founder of Partners in Hope, an Austin-based collaborative ministry focused on eliminating social isolation in Texas. We are going to have a conversation about how serving others can change our perspective and bring us joy and contentment in a way that focusing on ourselves never will.

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